My first non kit lens (helios)!

Me and my wife are about 3 weeks into the second course in the photography school we’re attending.

I like upgrades in general and when we got our first camera (Sony A6300), I understood very quickly, that while absolutely outstanding (for what it is), the 16-50 kit lens is gonna need some friends.

Opened up ebay and wanted to find a bargain, I quickly learned that APSC lenses are in very high demand and the savings one can get are negligible.

Being new to photography, of course, my first desire was to get BOKEH, the kit lens isn’t great for nice creamy bokeh. So a bit of research lead me to this USSR classic.

The last time I held a camera (other than an iPhone) was at least a decade ago… So manual focus was definitely something to get used to, but my God, that BOKEH.  The bokeh obsession faded quickly and I realised that it’s a lot more interesting and challenging to get a shot that has great composition, lighting and story, rather just tons of bokeh.

I’m not saying I’m any good at any of those things, I am still a humble student with a long road ahead of me, here are some shots that I consider decent at this time, for me to smile at years later.

Being a beginner of photography, patient models are hard to find. Thankfully, my car is very patient with me. So at least, I’m learning a useful, marketable skill (there will always be cars that need to be sold, that need photos taken)

Thank you, for your patience, my dear wife. ❤

While playing with Helios is absolutely, definitely, fun, sometimes, autofocus is makes taking photos more enjoyable, so my next purchase was a Sony 55-210mm F/4.5-6.3 OSS lens, but more about that in my next blog post.